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As mighty ninja, Faris put it, spreadable media is a more accurate term. If it doesn't spread, it's dead. Spreadability as a concept describes how the properties of the media environment, texts, audiences, and business models work together to enable easy and widespread circulation of mutually meaningful content within a networked culture.

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Talent imitates, genius steal

De cum am vazut noua reclama Timisoreana - Ceasul, mi s-a parut familiara. De parca am mai vazut-o. Nuo mai vazusem, dar o idee similara (identica) mai vazusem intr-o reclama pentru SPDR State Street Global Advisors cu acelasi nume, Clock Tower, facuta de The Gate Worldwide in 2009.

Judecati si voi.



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Brand Activation - Heineken

This is, by far, one of the best examples of successful brand activation I've seen!

I would have loved to take part in the event.
Such a great, engaging experience! Bravo to all parts involved in the creation!

The video is a bit long, but worth watching.


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