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Ieseni la Cannes Lions

Exceptional! Dragi ieseni, colegi publicitari, anul acesta dulcele targ a avut reprezentare la Cannes!
Dupa cum vedeti in imaginea de mai sus, este vorba de agentia Christi Leon. Marturisesc ca nu am auzit pina acum de ei.
Va transcriu mai jos minunea de script cu care s-au inscris. Observati ca nici topica limbii romane nu o stapanesc, ca sa nu mai vorbim despre creativitate, care lipseste cu desavarsire.
Enjoy it!

Radio Lions Script
A18/78 00231 ROMANIA
Advertiser: ASCOR
Script In English:
SFX: Busy traffic
SFX: Whistle
SFX: Baby's cry
SFX: Thunder and lightning, heavy rain
SFX: Traffic returns

ANN: Nature asks for a change
Nature invites us all to live in harmony with it!

SFX: Birds chirping
SFX: Horns of cars
SFX: Baby giggling
Script In Orginal Langauge
SFX: Ocupat trafic
SFX: Suierator
SFX: Bebelus tipetele
SFX: Trasnet si fulgere, ploaie torentiala
SFX: Trafic revine

ANN: Natura cere schimbare!
Natura ne invita sa traim in armonie cu ea!

SFX: Pasari ciripitor
SFX: Sirene de autoturisme
SFX: Bebelus surazator

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I've been away for a week. A much deserved vacation. This year we've been to Bulgaria, in Albena.
The main criteria was the price and the vicinity to Romania. This way we were able to take our 10 months daughter with us.

I didn't have high expectations beforehand. To my surpreise, the Bulgarians have a decent tourism, with clean beaches, good accomodation, great food, smilling people and beautiful scenery.
It was great!

Unfortunately, although Romania has a great seashore, I don't dig the quality of the service and the prices they have. It's a rip-off!
So, until there will be significant improvements in the quality of services, I'll never go to Romania sea resorts.
And for all of you willing to visit Romania, I'll recommend to go to the mountains or up north to visit the monasteries. You'll have decent accomodation at good prices and beautiful scenery.

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