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Sticky ideas basic traits

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Research suggests that sticky ideas share six basic traits:

  1. Simplicity. Messages are most memorable if they are short and deep. Glib sound bites are short, but they don’t last. Proverbs such as the golden rule are short but also deep enough to guide the behavior of people over generations.
  2. Unexpectedness. Something that sounds like common sense won’t stick. Look for the parts of your message that are uncommon sense. Such messages generate interest and curiosity.
  3. Concreteness. Abstract language and ideas don’t leave sensory impressions; concrete images do. Compare “get an American on the moon in this decade” with “seize leadership in the space race through targeted technology initiatives and enhanced team-based routines.”
  4. Credibility. Will the audience buy the message? Can a case be made for the message or is it a confabulation of spin? Very often, a person trying to convey a message cites outside experts when the most credible source is the person listening to the message. Questions—“Have you experienced this?”—are often more credible than outside experts.
  5. Emotions. Case studies that involve people also move them. “We are wired,” Heath writes, “to feel things for people, not abstractions."
  6. Stories. We all tell stories every day. Why? “Research shows that mentally rehearsing a situation helps us perform better when we encounter that situation,” Heath writes. “Stories act as a kind of mental flight simulator, preparing us to respond more quickly and effectively.”

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Sexul ajuta cresterea parului

Fetelor, este un fapt medical atestat ca mai mult sex nu duce la orbire, ci la cresterea mai rapida si mai lucioasa a parului ;)
Mai sus, puteti asculta doua spoturi radio spumoase facute de Headvertising pentru Foltene (tratament anti-caderea parului).
Deci baieti, daca va cade parul, folositi Foltene. Fetelor, daca aveti aceeeasi problema, sexul este remediul. Preferabil cu baietii cu incaput de calvitie. Confidence boost! ;)

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"Internet MythsTrends Opportunities" Day

Aflu de la amicul Ciprian de desfasurarea primei conferinte dedicata mediului online la Iasi. Nu pot decat sa salut si sa incurajez initiativa. De buna seama ca voi prezent avand in vedere vorbitorii, unii dinte ei buni prieteni.

Deci, ne vedem pe 18 aprilie la IMTO! Începând cu ora 9 , la hotel Astoria din Iaşi.
Doar 170 de locuri disponibile, asa ca eu zic sa rezervati din timp. Chiar merita :)

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Dacia unveils new logo

With the launch of the new model, Sandero, Dacia unveils its new brand identity.
As speculated, it is a combination of Renault, Nissan and Dacia, which appeals to a younger audience.

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