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Dear Mr. Barroso

"Dear Mr. Barroso,

Would you like to hear more about Systembolaget and our perspective on this matter?
As of right now you have a standing invitation to join us for lunch or dinner at your convenience.
Just contact us a few days in advance, and we'll make it happen."

This is a great way to fight against alcohol consumption and alcohol related problems!

The initiative comes from Systembolaget. The Swedish Alcohol Retail Monopoly, exists for one reason only: To minimize alcohol-related problems by selling alcohol in a responsible way, without profit motive. (They're supposed to make a certain profit, but if it's too big they have to lower their prices.)

This has worked well: Alcohol-related problems are smaller in Sweden than in comparable countries where alcohol is sold freely.

The Swedish model isn't always convenient for the consumer - the stores aren't open all night, and you won't find one on every corner.

But a majority of the Swedes are supportive. Partly because they appreciate our significance for the public health. And partly because they like our stores. (They offer one of the world's biggest selections of alcoholic beverages, and their employees really know their Chardonnays from their SauvignonBlancs.)

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