Sic transit, gloria mundi

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So we've made a little video. It's the spoof from the previous post.We've had a lot of fun making it. We've had very little expectation. I mean, we've thought that once our friends will see it, the whole thing will be forgotten.
It turned out exactly the opposite. Right at this moment the video was seen by 33,707 people in two days. It was favorited by 117 people and linked by a whole bunch of blogs, forums and sites. The thing just blew out of proportion! Everybody talks about it, people from all over the country are calling us to congratulate. The media got interested and we going to be in the papers. Even the most viewed TV station in the country found out about it and now they invited us to be part of a program about media and advertising. And let's not forget that we are talking about a Romania spoken video. Even more, a Moldavian dialect!!!!

Now, I am really surprised by all this. And learned a lot from the experience. First of all a viral becomes viral if it's interesting, well written and beautifully executed. Then, like Russell (I think) once said, "build stuff that people want". Apparently, our little idea is something people from Romania want to see. And have fun doing it!

So be creative, have ideas, share, be inspired by your friends while having a beer. You might do some really funny stuff that other people love to see and talk about it.

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