I haven't posted anything for a while because I'm going through a lot of changes lately. Mom underwent a difficult surgery last week. Everything went well and now she's recovering very good. Hopefully, she will be out of danger and on her feet soon enough. I have to give a special thanks to everyone which showed support and offered comfort. It meant a lot to me and my Mom! You guys, my dear friends, rock! I'm privileged to have you. I love you with my whole heart!

On the other, more positive, hand, I've changed jobs. As of today I'm the newest member of the great team of Grapefruit, one of the finest brand consultancy in Romania. I'm am very excited about this new adventure! Hopefully, we will produce some great work together. I know, for one, that I'll do the best work I can.

So, I'm back on track and with added energy and enthusiasm!

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