Idea Forum 2007

I've just got back from the Idea Forum, a 2 days event about innovative theories in marketing, advertising, digital and media. Thanks to Cristi, I've had the opportunity to listen to the likes of Faris Yakob, Russell Davies, Iain Tait, Keith Lewin and Chris Jackson. Also there where a bunch of Romanian advertising professionals talking about their view on the shift happening right now on the way brands communicate. Or should, at least.

This was, probably, the best conference I've been in Romania so far. There were less PR presentations and lots of little things that inspired me a great lot. A wonderful experience!

At the conference I've got the chance to meet some bloggers I've already knew and meet knew ones which blogs I read but didn't get the chance to meet offline. A very fresh and pleasant experience. I will come back later with some notes from the event.

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