Evolution of man

The emergence of the new 'ubersexual' man presents a potential goldmine for global manufacturers and marketers according to the latest research from Euromonitor International.

Cosmetics companies, health clubs, retailers and travel companies all look set to profit from the changing male image, as men become more image-conscious. The ubersexual man is defined by Euromonitor International as 'more complex, more thoughtful, more culinary and better groomed than macho man, but more traditionally masculine than the metrosexual'. They are, therefore, more likely to prepare and research meals, buy cosmetics and toiletries, and join health clubs.


Shaving, hair care products

Skin consciousness

Moisturising lotions, face masks

Fitness seekers

Health clubs, home gym equipment

Gourmet cook

Cookery books, video


Image brands of consumer electronics

Fashion follower

Fashion clothing, home furnishing

Hedonist traveller

Food and wine tourism

The Ubersexual man is a more complex and thoughtful Generation Y male, essentially a more masculine version of the metrosexual with a wider set of interests. This label creates a role model in terms of lifestyle, appearance and buying habits, which men are willing to aspire to. As the boundaries between genders continue to be broken down, global companies are expected to find increasingly innovative ways to profit from the evolving characteristics of the male consumer.

Who fits the bill? Advertising agency JWT, says the Top Ten ubersexuals are Jon Stewart, Guy Ritchie, Pierce Brosnan, Ewan McGregor, Barack Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, George Glooney and — at No. 1 — U2 rock star and world peace activist Bono.

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