Planner Survey Results

The results of the third annual planner survey are in. The research, conducted by Heather LeFevre of the Martin Agency, shows that the most desirable place to work as a planner is W+K. Closely followed by Crispin, BBH, Chiat, Goodby and others.

Those who think that the quality of planning has increased (42% of the respondents) credit blogging (talking about blogging killing planning :)), generosity of thinking, better defined roles, the challenges of the world pulling us up and better people.

466 planners completed the survey (compared to 192 last year). 36% are likely to change their job this year. Regardless of the current position. Those set on or considering leaving planning specify that they don’t know exactly what they will do or they plan to start their own business, freelance, go back to school, go to the client side, switch to consulting, research, innovation, creative, production or media.

There are a lot more details about salaries and other stuff. You can download the results here

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