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Marvel Universe and the "Real" World.

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In a wonderful study titled, "Comparative Sex-Specific Body Mass Index in the Marvel Universe and the 'Real' World," a group of scientists has calculated the Body Mass Index (BMI) of Marvel comic strip characters and compared them to actual people, to see how comics stood up.

Their findings: 28% of Marvel women are underweight. On average, female comic characters had BMI's on the low end of average. "This result is surprising, " the authors wrote, "considering that many of the women sampled are martial artists or extremely capable physically and should, if anything, have a BMI that indicates a higher body fat level than is actually present." Clearly, it takes a little more than a model's body mass to run at supersonic speeds or jump a 10 story building from a standstill.

The average Marvel female is approaching underweight despite a presumably active lifestyle. This may corroborate sociological and literary observations that in the Marvel Universe, women must fulfil criteria for being attractive by Western standards before fulfilling the criteria of biological realism.

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Skittles latest commercials

New Skittles ads made by TBWA, TORONTO. Funny as hell!!!

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Levi's Lady Style

Hey ladies! Ever wonder what it would be like to sneak into a sweaty, steamy men's locker room? No you can. Thanks to Levi's Lady Style new collection. Take a peek here

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"A good typographer is someone who communicates a point of view with skill and imagination, and makes the type taste good."-- Jeffrey Keedy, graphic designer

It's a quotation you'll find in this short piece of motion design realized by Boca AKA Marcos Ceravolo and Ryan Uhrich, two students of the Vancouver Film School.

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It's From Where?

College students in the USA, may love to use the latest gadgets and wear the hottest fashions, but they may not know where their favorite brands originate, according to exclusive new research from market research firm Anderson Analytics.

53 percent of students thought Finnish cell phone company Nokia to be Japanese, while 57.8 percent thought Korean electronics company Samsung was Japanese. And 48.5 percent mistakenly thought Adidas clothing came from the United States, not Germany.

"For the most part, this next generation of educated American consumers either have no clue where the brands they use come from or simply assume everything comes from the United States, Japan or Germany," said Tom H. C. Anderson, Managing Partner, Anderson Analytics,

The study is based on an online survey of 1,000 US college student conducted during the fall 2006 semester by Anderson Analytics’, which provides in-depth research on the youth market. See how students rated brands here

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Karakiri is a creature of confort, a friendly octopus, made from cotton for a lasting relationship with your skin.

It holds you even when you watch TV. Is fully washable. Custome made for a perfect embrace

Karakiri is made by Oana Felipov. Great idea, Oana!

Check out the beautiful site for more info about how to get your Karakiri

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Ad'or, young creatives competition

Ad'or - Young creatives Competition finalist

Same team, un-selected


Copy: Samaranda Jescu
Art Director: Catalin Garbulet

Good work, guys!

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Yahoo and Eurosport teamed up

A few months ago Yahoo! Sport and Eurosport started to work together to build the site. The aim was to develop the premier Sports web destination – Yahoo! Eurosport.

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O Rei do Gol

Finally, 41 year-old Romário netted the landmark goal four minutes into the second half of the Brazilian first division match that pitted his Vasco da Gama against returning northerners Sport.

“This is a very special moment in my life and Id like to dedicate this last goal to my children and thank my parents and everybody else who is present here tonight”, thanked a visibly moved Romário, crying openly.

To celebrate his achievment, here is a compilation of his best goals and moves.

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Lazy Sunday

The Samsung Summer Collection of mobile phones showcases the latest in mobile communication devices

Anti-drug campaign created for the Department of Health in Norway

The Volvo C30 is packed with outside the box thinking and has a website to match

Toshiba demonstrates how they continue pursue innovation in many fields. In one hour!

Whilst modeling the latest Adidas collection models play croquet

Explore Nautica Jeans 2007 Spring/Summer collection

Michelins’s Better Mobility site builds awareness of the company’s 120-year history of innovation and its vision of sustainable mobility

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Voteaza, om bun

Mai sint cateva ore pina la inchiderea urnelor. Nu sta deoparte! Rupe-ti jumatate de ora si voteaza. NU conteaza cum. Doar mergi si voteaza.

Log out, shut down, GO VOTE!

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Adopt an NGO

"Adopt an NGO" is an initiative of the Civil Society Gala the only Romanian event that pays homage to all civic initiatives, large or small, that are making our society better and healthier.

So I've been invited, along with other bloggers, to adopt an NGO, thus showing my support to it's activities and efforts. I decided to adopt "Save the Children". One of my best friends works for this organization so I'm quiet familiar with their programs. Basically, "Save the Children" fights for children's rights. They deliver immediate and lasting improvements to children's lives, not only in Romania, but worldwide.

Save the Children Romania is guided by the fundamental values expressed in the UN Declaration on Human Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and is founded on the conviction that:

  • All children and adults are of equal value
  • Children have special rights
  • All children have a right to life and development
    • No child should be discriminated against
    • All children have a right to be heard
    • The Child’s best interests should be a guide

The project aims at creating and implementing an alternative system of services, which should ensure the intervention and protection of the child victim of violence. The multidisciplinary team of the Center, made up of doctors, psychologists, social assistants and psychiatrists offers the following services:

  • protection for the child and the protecting parent (housing and food for maximum 30 days);
  • therapy, treatment, rehabilitation and specialized ambulatory or residential assistance;
  • legal counseling;
  • training the specialists for working with children victims of violence and their families;
  • offering information and informative materials to the persons working with the children, to parents and children;
  • prevention program in high schools, schools and kindergartens.
So if any of you is interested in this initiative and want to adopt an NGO, please visit "Adopt an NGO" blog.

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Planner Survey Results

The results of the third annual planner survey are in. The research, conducted by Heather LeFevre of the Martin Agency, shows that the most desirable place to work as a planner is W+K. Closely followed by Crispin, BBH, Chiat, Goodby and others.

Those who think that the quality of planning has increased (42% of the respondents) credit blogging (talking about blogging killing planning :)), generosity of thinking, better defined roles, the challenges of the world pulling us up and better people.

466 planners completed the survey (compared to 192 last year). 36% are likely to change their job this year. Regardless of the current position. Those set on or considering leaving planning specify that they don’t know exactly what they will do or they plan to start their own business, freelance, go back to school, go to the client side, switch to consulting, research, innovation, creative, production or media.

There are a lot more details about salaries and other stuff. You can download the results here

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Nothing to hide

“We stand behind our skin care products, so much so that we are prepared to go naked to prove it.” states The Elave web site. Instead of wandering around a science lab in a white gown, the presenter speaks completely naked, along with the rest of the room.

The video, featuring nude women and men, is online at Is it gratuitous nudity, an unnecessary attempt to get the attention or is an example of courage and nerve from Ovelle Pharmaceuticals? You'll be the judge.

Ovelle has seen a 500 per cent rise in sales, both online and in the High Street, since the campaign was launched on May 5.

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picture from here

I haven't been posting for a while because I was really busy. Last week I've worked for the Romanian Fashion Week, coordinating two camera crews for backstage action and taking care of the in-venue commercial breaks. A very tiring and time consuming job.

This was the first time I've been in the backstage at a fashion show. I'm telling you, being a model is not as easy as it looks. Those girls work really hard and there are a lot of rehearsals and waiting and make up sessions. And of course lots of pressure from the designers and agents.

All in all, I had a great experience and hopefully I'll repeat it next year.

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Ad of Da Month is a forum to promote good creative. The featured work is judged by a jury of trained ad-monkeys who vote for the best ad every month.

These ads are a spoof on the trend on pro bono advertising for entering in showcase
websites, awards.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Budapest, Hungary
Title: Barber Shop and Restaurant
Creative Director: Dalbir Singh
Art Director: Zsolt Molnar, Pablo Compos
Copywriter: Dalbir Singh
Photographer: Zsolt Molnar
thank you, dalbir

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Brands as cultural icons

We define culture as a network of discrete, specific knowledge structures shared
by individuals within some definable population. Icons of a culture are like “magnets of meaning”; they connect many diverse elements of cultural knowledge.
Thus, cultural icons, when activated, will spread activation to other constructs in the cultural knowledge network.

Like other symbols, a consumer brand can also be a cultural icon or a vehicle for
cultural meaning. Iconic brands are consumer brands that become “consensus expressions of particular values held dear by some members of a society”. These brands are loaded with cultural meanings; they are strongly associated with the culture’s values, needs, and aspirations
and increase their cognitive accessibility.

Consumer brands vary in their degree of cultural iconicity. We conceptualize brand iconicity as the degree to which a particular brand is associated with multiple constructs in a network of cultural knowledge. Consumers’ knowledge about products/brands forms integrated structures in memory. Iconic brands can transfer their iconic status to the product category they belong.

Accordingly, we conceptualize an iconic category as a product category with highly accessible iconic brands. Through the strong connections with their iconic brands, iconic categories also possess rich cultural significance; they are strongly associated with the values, needs, and aspirations in their culture of origin. Brands with rich cultural meanings can create stronger and much deeper connections with the consumers.

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