Et cetera: Creative life

I rely too much on technology. Maybe because technology seems more serious and professional than a pencil, so instead of writing or drawing, I, like many other creative professionals, turn to mechanical aids. I've used overhead projectors, stat machines, digital cameras, scanners or Photoshop to put my ideas on paper or screen. The more I come to rely on these tools, the less I trust my abilities to write/draw.
We are feeling incapable of producing images that approach the "perfection" of machines.

Like any physical skill, whether shooting baskets or driving a car, if we stop doing it, we get rusty. So on those rare occasions when we do pick up a pencil, the results are disappointing and we vow not to make that mistake again.

So what price are we paying for this? Why not just rely on stock-photo websites and Photoshop to present our ideas? My cell phone has a camera built into it, so why bother carrying a sketchpad?

That's simple.
Because our jobs, our happiness, our lives depend on it. Because our goal is not to produce slick compositions; it's to lead a creatively fertile life.

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