Slow food: On planners' role

"If I am to succed in leading a person towards a particular goal, I must first find out where he is now and start from there. If I cannot do this I am deluding myself when I believe that I can help others. In order to help somenone it is true that I must understand what he understands. If I cannot do that, it is of little use that I can do more and know more.
If , however, I want to show how much I can do, that is because I am vain and proud, because I really want to be admired by other people instead of helping them. All true helpfulness starts with humility towards the person I want to help, and for this I need to understand that helping is not wanting to dominate, it is wanting to serve."

Soren Kierkegaard

This is what a planner should be about. To serve the consumer, we first must understand who he is, how he lives and so on.

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