Et cetera: ABN AMRO was right!

In a report titled “Soccernomics 2006,” economists at the bank ABN Ambro picked Italy as the “economic favorite” to win the World Cup.

According to Charles Kalshoven of the ABN AMRO Economics Department: 'The Italian economy is hampered by an inflexible labour market and deteriorating competitiveness. An Italian victory in the World Cup final would boost consumer and producer confidence, and thus lead to more spending and investment. 'Made in Italy' would also reap more benefits abroad. This may well push economic growth upwards, which would then give the government scope to introduce economic reforms.'

Well, they were right. And I wonder why I didn't place a bet on Italy.
I only hope that the history repeats itself and AS Roma will win "Il Scudetto" next year. Like in 1983, the year after the italian squad became world champion for the third time.

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