Et cetera: The World Cup in numbers

The World Cup is about to start!
So here are some interesting numbers about de competition

1930: First World Cup 0: number of African teams involved then
51: African sides at the start of qualifiers for 2006
5: places reserved in finals for African teams
51: European teams at the start of qualifiers
13: places reserved for European teams . . .
23: players in each squad
0: Italian World Cup players based outside Italy . . .
1: Ivory Coast players not based in Europe . . .
6: Trinidad and Tobago World Cup players based in Scotland
16: World Cup players (all nationalities) based at Chelsea
40: percentage of US footballers who are women . . .
50: percentage of Women's World Cup competitions won by US
£20m: annual earnings of Ronaldinho
£19m: annual earnings of whole Australian team
9: games played by Australia to qualify . . .
26: games played by Trinidad and Tobago to qualify
4: Dutch managers at the World Cup . . .
4: Brazilian managers at the World Cup . . .
0: English managers at the World Cup . . . ?!?!
6: teams from the southern hemisphere
£676,000: average income of players in English Premiership
£900: average income in Togo
100,000: England fans expected to travel to Germany . . .
4,000: tickets allocated to England fans for England v Trinidad and Tobago
314m: average number of TV viewers per match in 2002

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