Branding: Top 20 Mistakes Marketers Make When Rebranding

Smart marketers evolve their brands over time to keep them relevant. Some do it well, while others become the target of cynical bloggers. To gear your next rebrand for success, sidestep these all-too-common mistakes:

1. Clinging to history
2. Thinking the brand is the logo, stationery or corporate colors
3. Navigating without a plan
4. Refusing to hire a branding consultant without industry experience
5. Not leveraging existing brand equity and goodwill
6. Not trying on your customer’s shoes
7. The rebrand lacks credibility or is a superficial facelift
8. Limiting the influence of branding partners
9. Believing rebranding costs too much
10. Not planning ahead for adaptation
11. Bypassing the basics
12. Not calling the call center
13. Forgetting that people don’t do what they say. (They do what they do)
14. Getting strong-armed or intimidated by consultants
15. Putting the wrong person in charge
16. Strategy by committee
17. Rebranding without research
18. Basing a rebrand on advertising
19. Tunnel focus
20. Believing you’re too small to rebrand

Details and how to avoid them on ReBrand resources site.

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