10 Creative Myths

1. "I am not creative."

2. "That's a stupid [or daft, or silly, or ridiculous] idea."

3. "Creative people always have great ideas."

4. "Constructive criticism will help my colleague improve her idea."

5. "We need some new marketing ideas for the upcoming product launch.
Let's get the marketing people together and brainstorm ideas."

6. "In order for our innovation strategy to be a success, we need a system of review processes for screening ideas and determining which ideas to implement."

7. "That's a good idea. Let's run with it."

8. "Drugs will help me be more creative."

9. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

10. "I don't need a notebook. I always remember my ideas."

Toate astea nu fac decat sa inhibe procesul creativ. Gasiti o cale de scapare daca in timpul procesului de creatie apare unul din aceste mituri.

Jeffrey Baumgartner ne ofera mai multe solutii in ultimul newsletter Report 103 de la jpb.com

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